Through My Mother’s Window: Emirati Women Tell Their Stories and Recipes

Through My Mother’s Window: Emirati Women Tell their Stories and Recipes celebrates the voices of Emirati women and retells the stories of their mothers and grandmothers. Through narratives, photographs and recipes, this book offers a poignant, celebratory and wistful window into the landscape and culture of the Emirates–its past and its present, its food, weddings and important festivals. Through My Mother’s Window showcases the beautiful and vibrant city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

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Cover art by Selma Tufail

Through My Mother’s Window takes readers into the heart of Emirati culture through its most essential ingredient — food. I savoured stories about mom’s cooking and memories of family traditions and cultural celebrations that nearly always revolve around food. Delightfully, this book opens a culture to us through relatively easy and accessible recipes that range from everyday to fancy feast. 

Margaret Webb, Author of Apples to Oysters: A Food Lover’s Tour of Canadian Farms (Penguin, 2008)  

Through My Mothers Window brings us the compelling and inviting story of a family, a culture and a country in a way that only food can do.  I would loved to have been at Ranjini George’s mother’s table to share a meal and  conversation. 
Claire M Tallarico, is the founder and facilitator of Alchemy, an annual Ontario based international artists led residency focused on the sharing of culinary and artistic practices in community settings.
What a lovely and evocative cookbook this is! It’s an expression of love through food, a window into the cuisine of the United Arab Emirates and a collection of uniquely personal recollections about life in Dubai through generations of change – all reflected in the multicultural cuisine of the city. It is a book both delicious and heartwarming.
Andrew Gray, founder of